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How to balanace motherhood and personal goals

Struggling to maintain personal goals, while being the best parent we can be, remains one of the grandest parenthood challenges for most.

25 Greatest Mom Tips Ever

I want to exercise and stay fit and healthy; how about you? Most moms don’t have enough to do anyway, so squeezing in one more thing isn’t hard at all.

13 Amazing Motherhood Facts

Motherhood is awesome and tiring at the same time. Men do not share in our ability to birth a human, therefore motherhood is akin to a secret society of sisters.

9 tips for busy moms

I want to exercise and stay fit and healthy; how about you? Most moms don’t have enough to do anyway, so squeezing in one more thing isn’t hard at all.

About EarlyMorningMom

Motherhood is best mastered with a sense of humor. Daily parenting stressors are lessened with a ration of comedic relief and the exchange of experiences with partners in parenting. Creating a network of dedicated mothers is the goal of my blog, and sharing a few laughs along the way lightens the load. I look forward to relating stories about my personal experience while also learning from readers. If it takes a village, consider this ours. Everyone’s invited, clean clothes are optional, and a love for family is a must.

Early Morning Mom’s Brood

My name is Tara, and I am the proud mom to three fantastic kiddos, owner of a sizable hobby farm, that serves to add to the chaos, and wife to one hard-working partner in insanity. Each day begins before sunrise, as barn chores commence before I begin the painstaking process of waking my trio of less-than-perky progenies. Juggling familial responsibility, while maintaining some semblance of order, proves challenging, but somehow we manage to make it work, and some days, we even make it work well.

Because writing is my creative outlet, jotting thoughts in journals has been a means of maintaining my personal expression when my identity becomes wrapped up in being mother to three demanding (but amazing) tiny humans. When communicating these thoughts on social media via quickly written missives, I was taken by how my words opened up a dialogue among my friends. Suggestions from others poured in, and a sharing of ideas started to happen, which compelled me to think on a grander scale, and this blog (designed by my hubby!) became my fourth born, via immaculate conception!

Reaching Moms from Other Corners of the World

What if mothers from all over had a single source for a cornucopia of honest information? Sure, such a concept has been done before, by women with outstanding parenting acumen and gifted writing prowess, but I plan to stand out in the genre with abundant honesty and humor, and no pretentiousness. Motherhood is too often the antidote to glamour, and our job is often thankless, rarely fashionable and sometimes seemingly impossible. There is no room to pretend otherwise. But our role is rewarding in its own way, and I’m honored to be in a position to remind others to look for the rewards hidden in moments of utter disorder.

My vision for Early Morning Mom is for women to have an uplifting resource to take in good information, contribute and laugh during those few precious moments during the day taken to do something for themselves. Imagine a virtual coffee klatch for beginner moms and seasoned moms, in small towns and big cities, with large and small families. This is how I picture our online community. Nobody is excluded, no matter if they are rearing diaper-clad darlings or sending care packages to college. Once we put on our mom hat, we never take it off, and we all stand to gain from straightforward discussion, as new parents learn from those who came before us.

No Such Thing as a Parenting Expert

I have been a mother for eight years and in no way have I earned the title of expert. I don’t think there is such a thing, no matter how many well-intentioned how-to books seek to tout the contrary. My parenting philosophy is that we all do what feels right in our own household, and we learn as our family’s needs evolve. We become experts on managing our own clan because we learn from trial and error. What worked in my home five years ago no longer works, as my oldest son has been joined by two siblings. Despite the fact all family dynamics differ, we share commonalities, even the one that’s as simple as striving to keep everyone upright until the day’s end!

There is no single means of being a perfect parent, but there are a million ways to be a good one. Insights reflected here detail what works for me, and writing with candor about the sometimes hilarious and grueling aspects of motherhood is my creative avenue. Entertaining my fellow comrades with anecdotes and advice has inspired me, and I am excited to now have a broader readership. I look forward to feedback from all of you fabulously fierce females who, like me, believe the phrase working mother is redundant and agree we all need a few moments each day for fellowship and funny reflection.